Jillian Wein

As an undergraduate student, Jillian worked as a peer counselor and trainer for Nightline, a volunteer, student-run organization that provided nightly counseling services for the Barnard College/Columbia University community. She continued volunteer work during law school as a tutor and mentor for the Pittsburgh Somali Bantu refugee community. During her second year of law school Jillian transformed this volunteer effort into a fellowship with the Pittsburgh Schweitzer Fellows Program where she designed and implemented a project and worked with the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine students to educate the Somali Bantu refugees about their healthcare and welfare opportunities and rights during their resettlement in the United States. Empowering these families with a stronger grasp of the public health system cemented her desire to continue as a public servant.

As a Law student, Jillian was an active member of the Pitt Legal Income Sharing Foundation (PLISF).PLISF is the University of Pittsburgh School of Law’s student run public interest organization which raises money to provide grants for law students who accept unpaid summer internships serving the public.

Prior to Jillian’s work as the PLISF auction co-chair, she received a grant to work with the American Civil Liberties Union of Pennsylvania. As a legal intern, she worked closely with the staff attorneys to provide effective and unbiased representation to individuals alleging violations of their constitutional rights.

Jillian begins her career in public service as an attorney in the Food and Drug Administration’s Office of Chief Counsel.  In this role she will implement, adapt, and enforce the laws and regulations that are designed to protect the public’s health and to engender a more productive and successful citizenry.

“I am fortunate that my first job out of law school will be working with the federal government and serving the public, and it is work that I am committed to pursuing for my entire professional career.  I am honored to receive this award and carry on the tradition of Mr. Thornburgh in dedicating my legal career to serving the public.”