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Photo Gallery

Sworn in as Assistant Attorney General

Dick Thornburgh being sworn in as Assistant Attorney General of the United States by Attorney General Edward Levi, here with his wife, Ginny. July 9, 1975.

"You've Got a Friend"

President Bush wearing his “You’ve Got a Friend in Pennsylvania” tourism button. October 1980.

ADA Speech

Attorney General speaking at Americans with Disability Act (ADA) one year celebration in the Great Hall, Department of Justice. July 26, 1991.

Diplomatic Relations

Soviet Justice Minister Yakovlev and Attorney General Thornburgh signing documents in Attorney General’s Conference Room. August 1990.

Press Conference

Attorney General Thornburgh speaking to press outside Supreme Court having argued the Burnley v. Railway Executives case. November 2, 1988.


Presidential Ratification Ceremony of the UN Drug Convention Thornburgh had signed on behalf of the United States, in Vienna, 1988.

Sworn In

Following swearing-In as Attorney General of the United States with President Reagan, Vice-President Bush and family in the Oval Office. August 12, 1988.

The Communicator

US Attorney characterized as “racket buster” in recognition of his success with multiple numbers racketeering cases.

Thornburgh in Ukraine

Thornburgh outside election site in Ukraine, as Chair of International Republican Institute observer mission for 1999 presidential election there.


Victory celebration election night, gubernatorial re-election campaign, with Ginny and family! November 2, 1982.