Presentation topics


The Honorable Vicky A. Bailey is a member of the President's Blue Ribbon Commission on the Future of Nuclear Power.  Ms. Bailey's presentation will provide an overview of the Blue Ribbon Commission's assessment of the future of nuclear power in the U.S. and the issues that need to be addressed to ensure its viability.

Mr. Jacques Besnainou is the CEO of AREVA, North America.  Mr. Besnainou's presentation will address AREVA's position as one of the worldwide leaders in nuclear power, his view of the future of the North American market for nuclear power, and how it compares to the nuclear power market in other parts of the world.

Dr. Adolf Birkhofer is the Managing Director of the Institute for Safety and Reliability at the Technical University of Munich.  Dr. Birkhofer's presentation will discuss his views on the impact of the accident at Chernobyl on the development and future of nuclear power.

Dr. Anne Bisconti is the President of Bisconti Research, Inc., a company that specializes in public opinion and communications research. Dr. Bisconti's presentation will address research that she has done with respect to the public opinion of nuclear power in the US.

Dr. Mark Cooper is a Senior Research Fellow for Economic Analysis at the Institute for Energy and the Environment. Dr. Cooper's presentation will address his research and views with respect to the legal and financial issues associated with the future of commercial nuclear power.

Mr. Barton Cowan is Of Counsel to the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania-based law firm of Eckert Seamans Cherin & Mellott, LLC, and a Visiting Professor of Law at the West Virginia University College of Law.  Mr. Cowan was principle outside counsel to Westinghouse Electric Company for more than 30 years in the area of nuclear regulation and licensing, and continues to do consulting work with Westinghouse. He will provide an overview of current legal issues in commercial nuclear power in the U.S. and will discuss the U.S. nuclear liability regime under the Price-Anderson Act.

Dr. Anthony Cugini is the Director of the Department of Energy's National Energy Technology Laboratory, the U.S. national resource on natural gas, coal and oil technologies.  Dr. Cugini's presentation will review the technical characteristics and pros and cons associated  with using fossil fuel resources to meet U.S. energy needs.

Mr. Harold Denton is the former Director of the NRC's Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation and President Jimmy Carter's personal representative to Three Mile Island.  Mr. Denton's presentation will provide his views on the impact of the TMI incident on the  development of nuclear power in the U.S.

Mr. Jim Ferland is currently the President of Westinghouse, Americas and soon becomes the President and Chief Executive Office of Westinghouse Electric Company. Mr. Ferland's presentation will address Westinghouse's position as one of the worldwide leaders of nuclear power systems and present his view on the  future of the nuclear option for the U.S.

Mr. Barton Gordon, Partner at K&L Gates. Former Congressman. Mr. Gordon will present "The Politics of Nuclear Power: A View From the Congress."

Mr. Isao Kato is the Deputy General Manager, Nuclear Power Department, Tohoku EPCo.  Mr. Kato was an eyewitness to the events in Japan of March 11, 2011.  Mr. Kato's presentation will recount those events with special attention to the Onagawa Nuclear Power Station. This station is the closest nuclear power station to the epicenter.

Mr. Steven Kuczynski is the Chairman, President and CEO of Southern Nuclear  Operating Company. Mr. Kuczynski's presentation will address his company's new nuclear development initiatives, including the construction of Plant Vogtle Units 3 and 4 near Augusta, Ga., and his perspective on the future of commercial nuclear power for a company that operates in states that have not deregulated the electric power industry.

Mr. Matthias Kurth is the President of the German Federal Network Agency (Bundesnetzaggentur).  Mr. Kurth's presentation will address Germany's decision to abandon the nuclear option and develop a strong reliance on renewable energy.

Mr. David Lochbaum is Director of Nuclear Safety Project for the Union of Concerned Scientists. Mr. Lochbaum's presentation will address the UCS position perspective on the future use of nuclear power in the U.S.

Dr. Peter Lyons is the Department of Energy Assistant Secretary for Nuclear Energy. Dr. Lyons will address the technology development programs that his organization is supporting in the areas of nuclear power plant lifetime extension, small modular reactors and the next generation nuclear plant, and what effect he envisions these programs will have on the future development and utilization of commercial nuclear power in the US.

The Honorable William Magwood IV is a Commissioner of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.  Mr. Magwood's presentation will address the future regulatory climate and issues for the commercial nuclear power industry in the U.S.

Dr. Patrick Moore is the Co-Chair of the CASEnergy Coalition which supports the increased use of nuclear energy. Dr. Moore's presentation will address the attributes of nuclear power and the reasons that the U.S. should continue to develop the nuclear energy option.

Robert F. Powelson, Chairman of the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission (PUC). Mr. Powelson's presentation will address the regulatory role of the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission and how deregulation has effected the role of PUC and the future energy makeup of Pennsylvania.

Mr. Daniel Roderick is the Senior Vice President of GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy. Mr. Roderick's presentation will address the impact of the events at Fukushima Daiichi last March on GE-Hitachi Nuclear Energy and the commercial nuclear power industry in the US.

Mr. Peter P. Sena III is the President and Chief Operating Officer for FirstEnergy Nuclear Operating Company (FENOC), a subsidiary of FirstEnergy Corp.  Mr. Sena's presentation is titled: "New Nuclear in a Deregulated Utility Market."

Mr. Matthew Wald covers the environmental and energy newsbeat for the New York Times. Mr. Wald's presentation will the mass media's perspective for the future of nuclear power in the U.S.

Senator Lamar Alexander, United States Senator, Tennessee. Video presentation in tandem with Mr. Barton Gordon.