Molly Dunlop. J. Evans Rose, Jr. Prize for Government Service recipient. 2019

Molly Dunlop has worked during Law School as an intern in government offices at both the State and Federal levels.  She has also worked with offices in both the Executive and Legislative branches of government including the opportunity to intern for a trust instrumentality of the United States at the Smithsonian Institution's Office of General Counsel.

Some of her assignments as a government intern included assisting Pennsylvania State hospital patients in the appointment of guardians, advising a National museum in its determination of the future of an artifact in one of its vaults, and drafting a Senate resolution commemorating victims of the Pulse Nightclub Shooting in Orlando, Florida.

Molly has accepted a position at the U.S. Senate's Office of Legislative Counsel where she will draft bills, resolutions, and floor amendments for both Democratic and Republican U.S. Senators to introduce on the Senate floor. 

Congratulatons, Molly!