Adam Shirer - J. Evans Rose, Jr. Prize for Government Service

Adam Shirer began his career in government service enlisting in the Army Reserve after receiving his undergraduate degree. While deployed in Afghanistan in 2014, Adam worked with the Rule of Law Development Team and had the opportunity to observe several trials for people held on charges of terrorism as he worked alongside JAG officers.

Having studied linguistics as an undergrad, he was struck by the many layers of translation that the court proceedings had to go through before U.S. personnel received them and passed the information to the intelligence wing.  Since then, he has been committed to seeking a position in government service that combines the role of law, translation, and intelligence.

Adam has interned for the Citizenship and Immigration Services in the Department of Homeland Security, and the Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration in the Department of State.  He has been offered an opportunity to apply his legal and linguistics background to the biggest extradition case in recent U.S. history with the Department of Justice Office of International Affairs.  Adam plans to continue in the Army Reserves and a career in federal government.