March 27-March 28, 2012 - From Its Birthplace: A Symposium on the Future of Nuclear Power

Co-sponsored by:

The University of Pittsburgh Dick Thornburgh Forum for Law & Public Policy and the Swanson School of Engineering

This symposium stood distinctly apart from others by the attention that Pittsburgh commands as the birthplace of nuclear power and a hub of energy industries, and also by the unique posture of the Three Mile Island accident to this day as a case study of nuclear crisis management under the Thornburgh administration.  The experience at TMI was thrust to the forefront again last March by the Fukushima Daiichi disaster, and this March will mark both the first anniversary of Fukushima Daiichi and the thirty-third anniversary of Three Mile Island. 

The symposium was held on March 27-28, 2012 with a series of tightly organized presentations involving prominent representation among experts in nuclear, fossil fuel, and passive energy sources across dimensions of engineering technology, public health, emergency management, insurance and financing. 

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