Governor William Scranton


In the photo above:  Bill Scranton and Dick Thornburgh in 1966.  The beginning of a wonderful friendship.
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In the photo above:  Governor Dick and Ginny Thornburgh at Governor Scranton's memorial service.

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Governor Thornburgh remembers Governor Scranton:

Bill Scranton was a role model for me and countless others within the Republican party.  He was a giant in the fields of municipal and state governance and international diplomacy and often served his state and his nation as one of its 'wise men', acting from time to time in an advisory role in many troublesome areas. I was proud to be his colleague in the effort to remove judicial selection from partisan politics at the 1967-68 state constitutional convention, an effort that failed then but remains on the agenda of many of us.

We both served at the United Nations, he as U.S. Ambassador and thereafter I as the Under-Secretary General for Administration and Management, during which time it was clear to me that Governor Scranton had served at the UN with great distinction, displaying diplomatic skills of the highest order and earning the respect of all with whom he served. I was proud to have his support when I ran for governor in 1978 and 1982 and to have the benefit of his advice during my two terms in office. I had just corresponded with him within the last month.

In addition to his many public contributions, Governor Scranton was a good companion, a bright and able man who was kind to all and faithful in his friendships and, most of all, devoted to his lovely wife, Mary, and his family, including his son, Bill Scranton III, who served me and the Commonwealth with distinction for eight years as Pennsylvania's Lieutenant Governor.

Bill Scranton was a giant in American public life.  He will be greatly missed.