The Dick Thornburgh Forum Disability Service Award

The Dick Thornburgh Forum for Law and Public Policy is proud to announce the 2021 Dick Thornburgh Forum Disability Service Award.  This $5,000 award is available each year to a University of Pittsburgh student from any campus whose service has made a difference in the lives of children and adults with disabilities.

Candidates for this award may be nominated by a University of Pittsburgh faculty member or staff member or may apply themselves. The applicant may or may not have a disability.  The winner is selected by a review committee of University of Pittsburgh administrators.

This award is associated with the annual Thornburgh Family Lecture in Disability Law & Policy.  The late Governor Dick Thornburgh and Ms. Ginny Thornburgh endowed this lecture series with the proceeds of the $50,000 Henry B. Betts Award presented to them in 2003.  The series has been aided additionally with grants and other support from the Office of the Chancellor, the School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences, the School of Law, and the University Honors College.

Congratulations to the following two outstanding 2021 award recipients:

Anna Marie Clark

Alison Mahoney

Learn about the disability work of Anna Marie and Alison by clicking on their names above.