Congrats to Anna Marie Clark!

The Dick Thornburgh Forum for Disability Service Award

Anna Marie Clark is a University of Pittsburgh student in the Doctor of Occupational Therapy Program. Anna Marie’s life mission is to empower children and adults with disabilities to recognize their strengths and inherent value.

Her passion for assisting individuals affected by disability began at the age of 4 as a lifelong volunteer for Joni and Friends.  As a teenager, she became involved with the mission of Uniquely the Same participating in livestream broadcasts reaching hundreds of individuals to create authentic relationships and demystify disability.  Anna Marie spearheaded the creation of videos serving as a resource to provide strategies to support transition to employment for people with disabilities.

Anna Marie was selected for the 2021 Occupational Therapy Student Award of Recognition for her service for people with unique challenges with her primary contribution listed as “Servant leader advancing occupational therapy for all.”  This year, she has been selected as one of two students as a LEND (Leadership Development for Neurodevelopmental and Related Disorders) trainee. LEND is a collaboration between the University of Pittsburgh and Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC to educate a new generation of leaders in the field of disabilities and in forging partnerships to improve the lives of individuals with disabilities and their families. 

The Dick Thornburgh Forum is proud to recognize Anna Marie as someone who has committed to supporting individuals with disabilities in her work to help them use their gifts to change the world.